Frecklez: A nice girl. One of the oldest members still frequenting the room. Has a mute list almost as long as her friend's list.

Sniperwolf777: He's a pretty cool guy. Anti-Roleplays and doesn't afraid of anything.

themeeper: Nice girl. a lot of potential. been kind of sad lately. Let's hope that changes.

Working on bipolarness...please don't try to make it worse? Loves two she shouldn't..

shadow101199: Nice guy, always stealing peoples' souls. =P

chocolatelover23: Nice girl. Ice goddess; really good one at that.

RAWRimadinosaur0: Bipolar, but she's nice more than depressed. She is awesome like that. (0 not 10 *slaps whoever put the extra one* haha whatever i still love you stranger- Rawr ♥)

inkspots: Can be annoying at times. Really enjoys kissing up to the ladies, but instead of doing anything, he just jumps into arguments with the girls and says, "Leave [INSERT GIRL NAME HERE] alone..."

deathsmainman21:josh..or to the limited few..joshy. has quit kong now.

Buttahfwy Joshy...

Countercrash:Pretty smart guy, but he's a lonely drunk.

shan14den: Nice girl that likes to keep the place calm. Will hug anyone that looks at her profile.

godofalltacoz: He is amazing. Likes to turn to animals. Writes poetry, loves wolves, and kicks ass in RP (probably only people who can beat him are Draconas12, and rose_dude) 5 + 7 = <3 forever - godofalltacoz Jeffy Baby <3

Obliverate: Messes with people's names. Very honest person. Interesting to listen to. Is now a regular.

Cutie10101: Um..Awsomest chatter. Best friends: Andrew(Sex Slave)Joey(Best friend)Jeff(Pet)Ashley(Mailoverjk) Do NOT piss her off or she will MESS YOU UP! <3 Note: Whore Cocktease until further Notice.

tastymeat: Write poetry and love to share it with his friends in the war room, His name is Alex. He thinks tigers' faces look like dicks.

XoronXX: Loves Cookies! Sorta...Different, Nooby sometimes. Makes no sense and is kinda of a loner ^.^. Names Joey. Alsoooo, don't tell Drac he allowed a dog to piss on his tree...

sugarcookiegal: she is an attention whore but you should leave her alone because if you call her a bitch then she will kill herself. She has said she has so many times, but really doesn't. Obvious whore who fucks everything that moves. Rarely ever moderately kind to people.

CreepingDeath09: Baddest muthafucka around! Enjoys long walks on the beach and riding on flying camels. He owns many leatherbound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

SynysterDeath: Think of him as you wish. Some call him nice. Others call him awesome. But he thinks otherwise. Is actaully a really cool guy once you get to know him. PRETTY F'N BADASS . dont be h8in

bwas10: A nice guy that is usually PMing.

He's a sweetie ^^

AcireMarie: Nobody likes her.